Time Travel is Stupid

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Last night, I watched the movie Looper.  It was decent, but linear time travel is such a weird paradox.

Let’s say you accidentally killed someone. Grief stricken, you build a time machine to go back in time and stop yourself from accidentally killing them. By doing so, you would have never needed to build a time machine, let alone have the motivation to stop yourself, because it simply never happened.

Essentially that future you never happened. So…there’s that.

If there were ever such thing as time travel, it’s probably a really stupid idea to try to go and change things, because you really don’t know if you’ll end up horribly changing the future. I probably wouldn’t waste effort in trying to change continuity. Too much risk.

Instead, I would probably just go back in time to enjoy things that no longer exist in the future. I’m not even talking about like…some weird dystopian future where where society as we know it no longer exists, either.

I mean things that no longer exist like McDonald’s Arch Deluxe or Crystal Pepsi. I’d really enjoy the shit out of that.

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