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So…I decided to try my hand at photography. I really only want to get into this so I can take photos of cars and upload them to my site, (shameless plug).

I’ve gotten in touch with a few photographers who have all given me advice on gear and a little bit of technique. Particularly, I’ve been talking with Greg Leddy. Amazing photographer, and has some really good insight on gear and location. This has been the most helpful to me, because he explains things to me very simply. You see, not only am I horrible at photography, but I understand things best when you explain them to me like I’m five.

I honestly feel like I have some kind of learning disability. Feels like school all over again, only this is self-inflicted.

Featured above are a couple of photos from today…and seriously, they are the only two that I really liked out of a shit ton of photos I took. I have a lot to learn.

I’ll be able to take more next weekend…

…it’s either that or my camera finds it’s new resting place under the bed. Hopefully not the latter.

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