Don’t Insure with GEICO: Cost me my License and a Higher Premium.

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Don’t Insure with GEICO: Cost me my License and a Higher Premium.

I bought a car back in July. I called GEICO because I needed an insurance policy for the vehicle in order to drive it. They had asked me about my accident history, in which I have none. The rate they quoted me for over the phone was a lot more than I was quoted for online (nearly double). The representative informed me that it was because of the accidents I had previously.

I assured them that I’ve not been in any accidents.

It turns out they were mistaking me for my father, which apparently happens often (our names are somewhat similar). The representative assured me that she would clarify the mistake and the payment would be $458.12.

I paid the policy and didn’t think to worry about it for the next several months.

Fast forward to earlier this morning: I was on my way to a work event in Maryland, a few hours away from me. I stopped by 7-11 to grab an energy drink for the trip. There was a police officer in the store who saw me pull in. He commented on what a nice car he thought it was and began telling me about his brother’s Mercedes.

We chatted for a bit and he followed me out. Subsequently after pulling out the lot, he pulls me over. Wait, really? I thought we were cool?

He told me that he pulled me over because I didn’t have a front license plate and that’s illegal in the state of Virginia. I told him I didn’t want to drill holes in my bumper, but I had ordered a bracket for it and it was on it’s way. He told me it was no problem, but he wanted to stop me to let me know and give me a warning about it. That’s cool, I guess.

He took my license and registration and came back to tell me that my license was suspended and has been for several months now. I definitely wasn’t aware of that…because you know, I’ve been driving this whole time.

He said that the DMV reported that my vehicle was uninsured and my license was suspended because of that. He said that he’s actually supposed to arrest me and impound my car, but considering I had my insurance paperwork with me, it must have been a mistake at the DMV. He took my license and had me sit in the passengers seat and told me to have a friend pick me up. Guess I’d be missing that work event.

He said if I get caught driving I’m going to jail and they’re going to take my car.

…I really thought we were cool, man.

I called my brother and he picked me up, but I got curious so I called GEICO. I gave them my social and date of birth, which did NOT match their policy because guess what: It was under my father’s name!

What’s worse is that I sent them an e-mail that day, when they sent a confirmation. They called me right after to tell me they’d get it straightened out:


The representative told me that since this wasn’t my policy, I had to get my Dad to speak with them regarding the account. After tracking my Dad down and having him call them, I called back. The rep. said that they straightened everything out and will remove the old policy and grant me a new one under my name. I thought everything was good from there, but I received another call from them.

They requested my information a second time and ONCE AGAIN confused my information with my fathers.

Again, I gave them the correct information and asked if there was ANYTHING else they needed. They said I should be receiving an e-mail to activate my account and to do so within the next 48 hours. I received no such email.

They called a third time and left me a message. I called back and again, they had me verifying my father’s information. I explained that this was the third time I’ve gone over this and this issue keeps happening. The GEICO rep. assured me that they would fix this issue and delete the old policy that was under my father’s name so that this wouldn’t occur.

After going through the process, they quoted me $114.69 more than I originally paid. Why? They said that the whole time, they were quoting my father (who if you remember has accident history).


So much for saving 15% or more on car insurance.

Since the DMV is closed today and tomorrow, I’ll have to skip out on work Monday to get this all straightened out. I’ll just drive there…oh wait.

I lost my license, missed two days of work, and it costs me $114.69 more a year for driving 12+ years with no accidents. That’s how much it could cost you just in case you’re pricing out a new policy with GEICO. (PROTIP: Don’t do it!)

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