Don’t Insure with GEICO: Cost me my License and a Higher Premium.

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Don’t Insure with GEICO: Cost me my License and a Higher Premium.

I bought a car back in July. I called GEICO because I needed an insurance policy for the vehicle in order to drive it. They had asked me about my accident history, in which I have none. The rate they quoted me for over the phone was a lot more than I was quoted for […]

Photography: Lighting and Location

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This past weekend I had the chance to shoot my cousin’s Lexus IS350 and my brother’s GTi as a form of practice. Some of the photos came out a little under exposed, but I tried to fix it in post. Couple takeaways from the experience that I’ve learned are: Shoot with adequate lighting. Even if […]


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So…I decided to try my hand at photography. I really only want to get into this so I can take photos of cars and upload them to my site, (shameless plug). I’ve gotten in touch with a few photographers who have all given me advice on gear and a little bit of technique. Particularly, […]

Time Travel is Stupid

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Last night, I watched the movie Looper.  It was decent, but linear time travel is such a weird paradox. Let’s say you accidentally killed someone. Grief stricken, you build a time machine to go back in time and stop yourself from accidentally killing them. By doing so, you would have never needed to build a […]

I have a confession to make…

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Over the holiday, I watched the movie Flight that a friend of mine illegally uploaded on YouTube.  Before you go judging me for participating in illegal activities, I don’t generally condone this sort of thing.  I’m also not in the business of telling a grown-ass man what he should be doing with his life.  (For the […]

I never meet anyone famous…

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I got an e-mail from my Dad this morning.  I love my Dad, but for those of you that don’t know him, he does odd things. I thought that perhaps he sent me another chain letter or a request from a Nigerian Prince who doesn’t know what to do with several million dollars but deposit it […]

Nuances of the English Language

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Figures of speech are weird.  They’re weird in the fact that you can use them with a broad idea of what something is like, even though you’ve never experienced it.  Let me explain. People say things like, “This tastes like shit!”, without ever having to know what it actually tastes like. Well, my father was […]

Hit and Run

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About a week ago, my friend Christi came in from out of town.  I thought it would be a good idea to hang out at a bar on Friday, which ended up being a night that we had a horrible storm. I asked my cousin, Brian to also come with and was hoping he could […]

Hey, Man

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I recently started a new job. It’s cool because we’ve got a gym on the first floor. It’s small, but nice. It has a locker room, showers — everything. This is perfect for me, because now I can work out while I wait for traffic to die down. The other day, I was walking to […]

More Fun With Jojo

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I found out from a friend earlier today that Jojo was in DC. If you know anything about my previous stints with Jojo, you’re probably well aware of my strong run as creepiest guy in Northern Virginia. Not to sell myself short, I decided to go with this tweet: No response. Nothing. That’s fair. Twitter […]